A bit about me: Sarah Dean T/A The Rose Squared

I began tiling, decorating and doing handyworks nearly 15 years ago when I wanted to improve my own rented London flats.   I found that I enjoyed being active and learning new skills and that I preferred the trades to the desk based jobs I had before so I decided to become qualified and set up business in 2009.


It wasn't easy getting established in a traditionally male-dominated area but I quickly found that, even working on large building sites, once I had demonstrated that I could do the job, I was accepted and got more work by recommendation.  I worked for women only firms such as Home Jane and A Woman's Touch but never really wanted to emphasise my gender but simply be taken upon my merits as a skilled trader. I knew that I wanted to set up my own small business and do domestic private jobs and so I took the plunge and it was the best decision I've ever made.


Learning to use power tools,measuring and calculating areas and materials required, and engineering solutions for the variety of tasks that began to come my way was challenging and rewarding and I really enjoy meeting my customers and discussing ideas. In the trades, one is always learning new techniques and methods of doing things and now I have the experience and confidence to tackle a variety of jobs.